Root to Bloom Team

Abby Pisegna

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Abby is a Boston native, yogini, hippie and current owner of Root To Bloom Studio.

She likes to hold open, grounding and nourishing classes for anyone willing to try. Her classes are infused with accessible body movements, meditative pauses, energetic anatomy, breathwork and her love of nature and animals. After practicing for over 10 years, yoga is now an invaluable medicine in her life. Yoga has transformed and improved Abby's quality of life and she is passionate about sharing it with others.

Abby's first yoga teacher was her dad, Vince, he introduced her to the world of yoga. She is a highly trained yoga teacher with 500+ hours studying with Divine Play Yoga in Lexington, Massachusetts and Veterans Yoga Project. In 2011 Abby graduated from Boston University with a B.A. in Psychology. She also has background trainings in mental health, addiction and trauma.

Pommy Ledet

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 In  2012, after Pommy delivered her third daughter her knee suddenly got Osteoarthritis, she couldn't even stand. After about 2 years, her doctor told her she "needed to have surgery to fix both knees".

 Pommy grew up in Thailand with a natural life style and herbal medicine, so she didn’t want to have surgery. She decided to take a yoga class to heal her knee... and it worked !!! Her knee recovered about 60% after six months, and now 100%. She was so impressed by the ease of the activity and that it didn't take a physical toll on her body, that she began to learn more about the yogic lifestyle. She went on to earn her instructor certification and completing 200 hours of training she loves to send this feeling and care to the others.

You can find Pommy at her local restaurant Taste the Thai! 


Schedule a private lesson (max. 2 people) with her.

Stacey Doll

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Stacey Doll, 500 RYT, was the founder and owner of Root to Bloom Yoga and Wellness Studio in Littleton for four years. She continues to teach classes and workshops at the studio, as well as retreats around the region. In addition to her 500 RYT, Stacey has trained with Seane Corne, Bo Forbes, Rodney Yee, and Beryl Bender Birch, amongst others. She completed her Rockstar Core Strength training with Sadie Nardini, Yin Yoga training with Josh Summers, and Stand Up Paddleboard Yoga training with Michelle Clark. Stacey has completed her Shamanic Reiki Master Teacher Training which she weaves into her style of yoga, Earth & Sky Yoga, which combines breath work, meditation, and yoga movement with the rhythms and seasons of our natural world.


        John of the Johnny Crystal Shop here. I am a Marconics Level one practitioner, a Soul Realignment practitioner and have been working with John of God crystals for the last four years; from which I personally have had three amazing healings.

I work with large copper tensor rings for clearing the chakras and detecting  disruptions in the physical,emotional and ethereal bodies . They are fun and make your Aura giggle. 

       I also have been practicing "The Five Tibetan Rites" for the last ten years. An ancient practice, they are the first Pilates Yoga and are all about core work and gathering energy. They are known as the "Fountain of Youth" and there is quite an interesting story as to how they reached the west. youtube and Google can answer most of your questions.  I have no financial interest in this group. Extra money will go to procuring speakers and things the group may need for its own use and growth.

Come check it out. Love and Light.

Carrie Meyers

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Carrie teaches YoFit on Tuesdays.

Rachael + Audrey crowe

Rachael Crowe, ChildLight Yoga and Mindfulness for Children certified instructor. Rachael grew up in Franconia, NH and now lives in Bethlehem, NH with her daughter. After years of teaching children to ski, she wanted to work more with children and yoga. Alongside her mom, Audrey Crowe, Rachael became a certified ChildLight instructor. She believes in the mind, body and energy connections through movement and breath. She holds an educational and fun yoga class.


the Acoustic Performer

Jamie has been teaching, lecturing and playing music for the past twenty years. She believes that everyone has the ability to improve their quality of life by raising their vibration. She experiences the profound benefits of the 432Hz Earthtone Native Style Flutes and would love to see others experience the relaxing and empowering bliss for themselves.

Jennifer Green

Jennifer is a retired US Air Force veteran, who served as a medic and later earned her nursing degree. She served both stateside and overseas and specialized in combat/trauma medicine and disaster recovery. Jennifer found yoga when searching for alternative resources for mental health. When she began her yoga practice, she experienced a shift in both her mental and physical health, and was able to sleep through the night for the first time in 15 years. The benefits she experienced through the practice inspired her to seek further training and in therapeutics and trauma sensitive yoga so that she could share the practice with her community.


Jennifer is a passionate advocate for the neuroscience behind the practice and with the integration of yoga, mindfulness and restorative movement as an adjunct and complimentary practice to traditional mental health services. Her trauma informed approach aids in promoting healing and creating resilience within the body and mind while calming the turmoil that is held there. Her work is grounded in deep understanding of the neuroscience and biology of trauma and the impact of stress on the body and mind.


Jennifer is RYT 200 and also completed a 15-hour Veterans Yoga Project Mindful Resilience training. She is currently working with the Warrior at Ease curriculum and developing community based programs for domestic violence survivors and foster children.

Emily Nute

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Emily Nute, or the Rebel Soul Life Coach, specializes in empowering women to take big action on their purpose. Emily used this mindfulness practice to heal her own subconscious belief systems, and now is honored to teach others how to do the same. After studying different meditation modalities in South America, she is excited to bring this back to Root to Bloom Studio. Check her out on Facebook! @therebelsoullifecoach

Mikaela Nelson

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Mikaela Nelson is an accomplished musician and health and wellness advocate. She is passionate about helping others find their own way to their best self. She promotes healthy mind and body through food and nutrition, yoga and movement, meditation, music and creativity.