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(In order of least to most physical movement)

432Hz Sound Healing Session with Flutes with Jamie

432Hz Sound Healing Session 

with Acoustic Performer Jamie
Monday evenings

donation based


What is Sound Healing?
In this class, you simply get to rest while Jamie plays her Native Style Flutes and other instruments. The sound vibrations reorganize your body and brain patterning, allowing you to deeply rest and recharge. Similar to a Sound Bath, a practice developed in South East Asia, you can meditate on the sounds or take an "adult nap" while the vibrations wash through your energetic field.

For this class, you can lie down, sit or move. Jamie plays her Flutes while you enjoy the sounds.

Most music is tuned to 440Hz, Jamie tunes her Flutes to 432Hz, said to be the same vibration as the Earth (rocks, trees). This results in a feeling of groundedness and deep sense of connection. 


Each class will explore a unique intention, style of meditation, and tools to stimulate your senses for added integration. These classes are designed with a discussion period for deeper reflection. Meditation will be done sitting or lying down (or any comfortable posture).


All levels of skill are welcomed and beginners encouraged! 

Yin Yoga

Yin is a style of yoga that is slower and more meditative, each class will include meditation and you usually hold shapes/poses for 1-5+ minutes. We hold deep Yin poses to connect in with our bones, connective tissue and fascia. Great for beginners and those needing to work out the kinks in achy joints. Also useful if you’ve got an over active mind, you will practice being still!

Restorative Yoga

This mellow, slow moving practice uses a variety of props to fully support you. The longer holds give your body a chance to experience deeper relaxation. The goal of this practice is to break through internal barriers, release the untapped energy residing within you and bring you higher self awareness and ease. 

BEST FOR: Everyone, especially those experiencing anxiety or insomnia.

Mellow Flow

Mellow flow is a chill, slow, breath-based movement practice. Each class will include simple, meditative movements to help you connect with your breath and body.

Vinyasa Flow

Flow, vinyasa style yoga, is a faster paced breath-based movement practice. In each class we will move with our breath and practice practical alignment in more dynamic, challenging ways. Each class is ALL / MIXED levels. 


Vinyasa explained by Zabie Yamasake, M.Ed, RYT

"Vinyasa: to place in a special way

In Sanskrit, the term "nyasa" means to place and "vi" means in a special way."

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